Lake Twp. won’t rescind electric rate blockage

MILLBURY – A plea from a First Energy spokesman to vacate a rate blockage failed to electrify the Lake
Township Trustees.
At Tuesday’s meeting, Hans Rosebach asked the trustees to reconsider a resolution passed earlier this
fall that interferes with First Energy’s proposed economic stability program.
If the program doesn’t go forward, he said, the Davis-Besse nuclear power station in Oak Harbor could
close. He pointed out that 130 of its 760 employees live in Wood County.
"It could stay open. It could shut," Rosebach said. "But with this, it would solidify
According to information provided by Rosebach, Powering Ohio’s Progress is an economic stability program.
First Energy’s Ohio utilities would enter into a 15-year purchased power contract with First Energy
Solutions. They would purchase power from Davis-Besse and two others.
When wholesale market prices exceed cost, customers receive credit. When they are less than cost,
customers pay a charge. The customers are expected to save $2 billion over 15 years.
Several audience members were skeptical of the plan, calling it a tax or rate increase, and saying there
was no guarantee.
Arlyn Brinker asked why First Energy wasn’t seeking out a bank loan.
"I can’t answer that," Rosebach said.
He assured the audience that the plan is backed by research.
"We have an expert company that has done analysis," Rosebach said. "We are predicting it
will come back to the customers."
The trustees said they were trying to be fair by allowing Rosebach to speak. But after the meeting,
trustee chairwoman Melanie Bowen said it was unlikely the trustees would rescind the resolution.
"We’re standing by our original decision," she said.
Trustee Richard Welling said he hopes First Energy and the Northwest Ohio Aggregation Coalition, which
the township belongs to, negotiate a favorable settlement.
NOAC was formed several years ago and allows entities to join to negotiate less expensive utility rates.

Also at the meeting, the trustees:
•       Approved a 15 percent increase in Medical Mutual health insurance coverage for the 30 township
employees for 2015. The current rate is $24,935 per month; the new rate is $28,720 per month. Don
Douglas, of the Ashley Group, said it was impossible to find a competing rate due to the Affordable
Health Care Act. The trustees had the choice of staying "grandfathered" with its current plan
or joining "Obamacare" options for an additional 25 or 30 percent increase, he said.
•       Authorized Fire Chief Bruce Moritz to be the lead in seeking a multi-jurisdictional Assistance to
Firefighters Grant for a $200,000 driving simulator. The device simulates driving a double-seat fire
truck and is similar to a flight simulator. "There is nothing like this in the state of Ohio,"
Moritz said. Perrysburg Township, Northwood, Allen-Clay, Toledo, Troy Township, Bedford and Ballville
Township have agreed to pay $3,500 each if the grant is awarded.
•       Promoted police officer Adam Lorenzen from part time to full time. Lorenzen started working for
the township in May 2007.
•       Accepted the retirement resignation of Henry "Hank" Buzza, who worked for the fire
department for 53 years.
•       Approved sending Matt Degroff to a 36-hour volunteer firefighter class for $513 and to EMT basic
class for $950, and Joshua Stieb for firefighter I transition class for $870. The classes are at Owens
Community College
•       Heard October department reports. Police made 19 arrests and issued 57 citations; calls for
service were 349 for Rossford, 241 for Lake Township, 93 for Walbridge and 10 for Millbury. The fire
department had 81 runs and Medic 50 had 90. Zoning collected $410 and issued six permits. The cemetery
had 16 burials.
•       Went into two executive sessions during the meeting, for impending litigation and personnel.
After the first, the trustees voted to hire Spengler Nathanson Attorneys in Toledo, as needed. The
trustees declined to provide more information on the impending litigation. There was no action taken
after the second private session.