Gun opponent rights ignored


To the Editor:
Peter Kuebeck’s article ("BG adopts language allowing guns in parks" July 22, 2014) reveals
ambiguities regarding compliance with the Ohio Revised Code and rulings by the Ohio Supreme Court. There
was no indication about what kinds of guns can be openly carried or concealed by those who will bring
them to the parks. There was also no clear indication about what "room" for changes in
Ordinance 8335 could occur. John Zanfardino’s amendments prohibiting "air rifles, spring guns,
paintball guns, and bows and arrows" should have been supported and not voted down "as a
matter of procedure."
Since full information regarding Ordinance 8335 was not included in Kuebeck’s article, I am dissatisfied
with the unanimous vote of City Council; no doubt, Mayor Edwards will readily give his approval to avoid
a lawsuit.
There was no indication in the article about gun-opponents’ rights, just about gun-activists’ rights.
Council members made sure that no one can "hunt or trap wild life within park property," but
there is no guaranteed protection for human life. As a result, I doubt whether I can walk in the park or
even just go there without wondering who might use his/her gun to inure or kill either accidentally or
intentionally. It is sad to know that there will, no longer, be safety in City Park or Carter Park
because guns often kill when they are likely to be used. Sanity regarding carrying and using guns
remains an enigma in this nation of gun lovers and gun haters.
According to the Second Amendment, our country needs to have a well-regulated militia to protect it from
those who would harm it, but not armed individuals in schools, churches, and parks whose weapons may
become life-threatening to others as well as to themselves.
Wally Pretzer                
Bowling Green

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