Gambler says he wasn’t involved in inside trading involving Mickelson

LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas gambler being investigated for possible insider trading involving golfer Phil
Mickelson and investor Carl Icahn says it’s “preposterous to think” he would be involved in any such
Billy Walters issued a statement Monday saying he has never made inside stock market trades.
“I am innocent of doing anything wrong. It’s that simple,” Walters said. “Those who know me best, know
that it is preposterous to think that it would involve myself in inside trading.”
A federal official briefed on the investigation told The Associated Press the FBI and Securities and
Exchange Commission are analyzing trades Mickelson and Walters made involving Clorox at the same time
Icahn was attempting to take over the company.
When Icahn’s intent became public, the stock price jumped.
FBI agents approached Mickelson after his opening round last week at the Memorial golf tournament as part
of the investigation. Mickelson later said he had done “absolutely nothing wrong.”
Walters, a legendary figure in sports betting circles because of the millions he has won betting on
games, said all of his dealings in the stock market are legitimate.
“Yes, I have studied and invested in the stock market for many years and no one says anything when I lost
money or when I am not successful,” he said in the statement. “And certainly that’s happened, like it
has to many of us.”