Friends work to ‘save’ Pennsylvania bucket bear

PARKER, Pa. (AP) — A group of friends has tracked down and helped to save a western Pennsylvania bear
that got its head stuck in a bucket-like contraption.

The group posted cellphone video to the Facebook page titled "Save the ‘Bucket Bear’" ( ) after they were able to
track down the bear and subdue it over the weekend.

Samantha Eigenbrod recorded the rescue on her cellphone. The bear’s head wasn’t really stuck in a bucket,
but rather in a device related to an automobile air bag that got stuck on the bear’s head. The animal
was able to breathe by chewing a hole in the device.

Eigenbrod’s friends tackled the bear and took about 30 to 40 minutes to cut off the device with a hack
saw. The bear then ran away, apparently unharmed.

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