County library is a destination like no other

To the Editor:
This fall we have a great opportunity to show our support for the Wood County District Public Library’s
renewal levy.
In today’s world, the public library is a place of education, exploration, entertainment and imagination.
It is also a place where we experience community, a destination unlike any other. The library is where
children discover that reading is fun, where people of all ages continue lifelong learning and connect
with others to discuss books and explore ideas. At the library, people learn to use computers, make car
repairs, prepare gourmet meals, work on resumes and job skills, create winning science fair projects,
explore other countries and cultures as well as physical and virtual spaces – through materials
available at the library. The library’s programming for children and adults provides opportunities to
meet authors of favorite books and explore a variety of topics of interest, while strengthening our
community through participation in such events. There are countless success stories contained in the
library – stories in books and media on the shelves, as well as stories from the lives of the countless
numbers of people who depend on the library.  
Seven days a week, the library opens its doors to everyone – people of all ages, all backgrounds, all
educational levels – to provide information, education, and recreation. Please vote Yes for the renewal
levy so that the Wood County District Public Library can continue to provide the many services that our
community needs and expects.
Elaine Paulette McEwen
Bowling Green