Color blooms at Painted Clovers

When you first walk into Painted Clovers, what you notice is the color.
The bright pink of a wicker chair, a teal dresser, and a red, white and blue nautical bedroom set.
The brilliant selection of refurbished furniture is the doing of store owner Shaun Holden.
The store is located at 321 N. Main St. Parking is in the rear.
Holden got the keys to the building Aug. 23.
"I worked my butt off to get where it is now," she said.
Holden wanted her business’s name to mean something, so she picked Clover in honor of her 5-year-old
Her business is filled with up-cycled and re-purposed furniture "with an artistic touch," with
more at home in her garage.
She offers dressers, cedar chests, chairs, foot stools and benches, plus at least one four-piece bedroom
The Black Swamp Arts Festival was "crazy," she said, and she estimated 900 people walked
through the door. Sales were $1,400, much of which was picked up later.
Holden will do commissioned pieces for a reasonable price.
‘When I don’t buy the furniture the prices are lower," she said.
She picks up many of her pieces at thrift stores and donations from her Facebook page followers.
Her skill is seeing beauty in things that other people cannot.
"The first thing people think of is to throw it away and that’s not always the case."
In the next month, she hopes to start chalk paint parties, where guests can learn about acrylic paints,
using USA-made Shabby Paints; and then "refunk your junk" by bringing in your own piece of
furniture to paint.
Much of the carpentry is done by her boyfriend, Steven Glock.
"He’s my number one unpaid employee," she said, laughing.
Holden also does upholstery, as seen on two gray matching cane chairs and an end table. The material is a
happy paisley.
"Every piece has special characteristics that lean it toward a certain style."
Holden plans on completing her studies in two-dimensional art education at Bowling Green State University
after putting it on hold when she moved out of state.
"It’s definitely something I’m not going to give up," she said.
The store is open Wednesdays through Fridays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.