Church Events: 05-30-14

Pastor Ted Gullixson’s sermon Sunday at Abiding Word Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "Christ’s
Ascension Blesses Us."
"The Supremacy of Christ in the Church," will be Pastor Dennis Gugger’s sermon Sunday at
Bowling Green Alliance Church.
Evangelist Harold Driver’s sermon Sunday morning at Bowling Green Church of Christ will be
"Christians Wanted No. 2," The evening service is "Know Your Enemy No. 2."
Rev. Howard Mayne’s sermon Sunday at Cloverdale United Methodist Church will be "Power to Go."

Faith Temple Family Worship Center will host Rev. C.S. Upthegrove beginning at Sunday worship. He will
also lead services nightly at 7 Monday through Friday.
"The Big Bang Bummer," will be Pastor Tom Mullins’ message Sunday morning at First Baptist
Church, continuing the series, "Origins: Creation, Evolution and the Christian."
Rev. Brent Pomeroy’s sermon at First Christian Church will be "It’s All About Who You Know."

There will be a special service led by the organist Dr. Ed Duling. Sunday at First Presbyterian Church,
"In Our Music, God is Glorified." It will focus on a new hymnal.
The program Sunday at Maumee Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation is "Religious Education
Sunday" by the children of MVUUC.
Peace Lutheran Church will have only one service Sunday with its annual Sounds of Youth Worship under the
theme "Worship All ye Lands." (See Briefs for a change of schedule for the church.)
Pastor Denny Maurer’s theme for sunday services at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church will be "Thine Is the
"A Message of Trust," will be Rev. Eric McGlade’s sermon at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Pastor Larry Whatley’s sermon Sunday at Turning Point United Methodist Church will be "The Power to
Live Victoriously."
The sermon by Ray Getter, minister, Sunday at Village View Church of Christ will be "The Shepherd
Provides a Banquet for Us."
Rev. Susan Kronbach’s sermon Sunday at Bairdstown United Methodist Church will share some of Jesus’ last
words. The Ladies Aid will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday.
Pastor Jeff Ridenour’s sermon Sunday at Trinity United Methodist Church will be "Watching and
Waiting to Be Called … Jesus Does More Than Stand on Third."
"Watching and Waiting to Be Called … Jesus Does More Than Stand on Third," will be Pastor
Jeff Ridenour’s sermon Sunday at Bradner United Methodist Church.
Pastor Dean Durant’s sermon at Faith United Methodist Church will be "Jesus Prays for Us."
Pastor Dale Smeltzer’s message Sunday at Christ’s Bible Church will be "The Destruction of
"Called to Testify," will be Rev. Dwayne Boogs’ message Sunday at First Presbyterian Church.
Summer worship hours is a service at 9:30 a.m.
Rev. Jennifer Jackson’s sermon Sunday at Haskins Community Church will be "Hurry Up and Wait."

"All in the Family." is Rev. Jim Paulson’s theme at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.
"Jesus Prays for Us," is Pastor Rick Adams’ message at Hoytville United Methodist Church.
Pastor Peter Johnston’s sermon at Faith United Methodist Church will be "All Together Now."
Pastor Randy Winsand’s sermon Sunday at Zion Lutheran Church will be "Impossible Perfection."
The church begins its summer schedule with worship at 9 a.m. There is no summer Sunday School.
Pastor Judith Frank’s sermon Sunday at Zion United Methodist Church will be "Relationships."

Pastor Dale Schaefer’s message Sunday at St. Paul Lutheran Church will be "Will the World be a
Better Place Because We Have Been Here?" High school graduates will be recognized. A youth picnic
follows at Harrison Park in Pemberville at 11 a.m.
Summer worship hours begin with worship at 9 a.m.
Members of Church of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church will lead worship 2 p.m. at Briar Hill Health
Rev. Susan Kronbach’s sermon Sunday at Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist will focus on the
story of Jesus as he shared some last words with his followers.
"Jesus Prays for Us," will be Pastor Rick Adams’ message Sunday at St. James United Methodist
Pastor Ralph Mineo’s sermon topic Sunday at St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "David
and Goliath," the third in the "Favorite Bible Stories" series. Recent high school and
college graduates will be recognized with a special prayer and blessing.
Pastor Matthew Musteric’s sermon Sunday at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "Christ and
Culture." Graduates will be recognized at the 9 a.m. worship service.
Pastor Jim Miller’s sermon Sunday at First United Presbyterian Church will be "A Healthy Church is
an Emptied Church.
Pastor Chad Roper’s sermon Sunday at Pemberville United Methodist Church will be "The Road to
Worship leader Katie Recker’s message Sunday at Sonfire by the River will be " What do You Want to
be When You Grow Up?"
Rev. Bruce McDaniel’s sermon Sunday at Christ United Methodist Church will be "The Hero’s
Pastor Larry Garzony’s sermon Sunday at Rudolph Christian Church will be "Biblical Parenting."

Pastor John Randall’s sermon Sunday at Sugar Ridge Community Church will be "The Remainders."

Tontogany Presbyterian Church welcomes back Jeannine Grimm Sunday with a message on the in between times
of life.
"Paul’s Letter to the Romans: The Faithfulness and Justice of God," will be Rev. Mark Kuhlman’s
sermon, continuing the series, on Sunday morning at Wayne United Methodist Church.
Pastor John Merseth’s theme Sunday at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "The Life We Lead
With Jesus." A Trustees meeting follows.
Pastor Chris Boggs’ sermon Sunday at Sonlight Church and Community Center will be "Defiance,
Defection and Divine Retribution."
Rev. James Stewart’s sermon Sunday at Weston United Methodist Church will be "The Joy and Thrill of