CDF lauds Brown with Partnership Award


Sentinel-Tribune City Editor Hal Brown has been honored by the Bowling Green Community Development
Foundation with their Economic Development Partnership Award.
Brown, who is retiring from the Sentinel after 42 years, received the award Wednesday.
Susan Clanton, of the BGCDF, noted that "the one word which certainly describes Hal is ‘integrity’
and I don’t think anyone would disagree. We certainly will miss him and we’re glad that we had the
opportunity to thank him."
In presenting the award, BGCDF head Sue Clark noted that Brown "always respected our position as an
economic development organization in the business of job attraction and retention. He was patient and
his reporting was unbiased, factual, and accurate. If I told him that something was ‘off the record’ Hal
respected that. It has been a trusting, open and loyal relationship between Harold and the CDF."

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