Burglaries in BG and Perrysburg may be linked

Bowling Green police believe that recent burglaries and break-ins in the city may be linked to a series
of similar incidents in Perrysburg.
BG Police Chief Brad Conner said this morning that the four recent burglaries in the city – reported in
July in the 400 block of Pine Valley, Oct. 7 in the 700 block of Pine Valley, on Oct. 17 in the 1600
block of Gleneagles Drive, and Oct. 18 in the 1500 block of Treetop Place – all share the same patterns.

"In most cases you’re talking late evening, early morning" for when the incidents occur, he
said. Additionally, there have been no signs of forced entry, with all of the residences having been
left unlocked. And during each of the incidents, residents have been home at the time.
Late last week, Perrysburg police issued a press release indicating a series of "residential thefts
and burglaries where entry to homes appears to have been gained through unlocked doors, open garage
doors, or utilizing a remote garage door opener that was in an unlocked vehicle in the driveway."

Conner said that the incidents in both cities follow the same pattern, and he indicated that some
property stolen in the Perrysburg incidents has been recovered in the Stone Ridge area of Bowling Green,
where the thefts have taken place.
"At this point we believe it’s probably going to be multiple individuals involved," he said.
"At this point we don’t really have an descriptions of suspects. In our cases, nobody has seen any
Conner asked residents to be watchful and call police if they see suspicious individuals.
He also indicated that "obviously, with it being tied to Perrysburg … they’re not walking to
Perrysburg and (BG). There has to be a vehicle that maybe doesn’t fit in the area. Could be parked on a
side street, whatever the case may be. There has to be some sort of transportation there that’s possibly
foreign to the neighborhood."
Conner reiterated that residents should lock their homes and vehicles up at night to prevent these
incidents, in addition to residents’ increased vigilance.