BG POLICE: 08-29-14

Accidents occurred:
Aug. 21
•    At North Main Street near East Court Street. Daniel Rayle, Fostoria, was cited for assured clear
distance ahead after a collision with Ashley Diepenbruck, BG. Diepenbruck reported possible injuries.

Aug. 23 citations:
Disorderly conduct/noise, disorderly conduct/nuisance party: Kyle Esway, BG.
Disorderly conduct/nuisance party: Kyle Whitaker, BG.
Disorderly conduct/public urination: Keith Batta, Sunman, Indiana; Dalton Reau, Oak Harbor.
Disorderly conduct/loud music, failure to maintain a litter free premise: Jacon Smith, BG.
Driving under suspension: Michael Donaldson, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Pete Hernandez, Fremont.
Expired registration: Anh Khoa Truong, BG.
No license: Cody Notter, BG.
Open container, underage possession: Austin Bell, Kenton; Drevon Boddie, Lima; Deven Bradley, Kenton;
Haley Joseph, Harrod; Abigail Lee, BG; Adam Lewandowski, Holland; Charles Neuhaus, Maumee; Jeffrey
Shields-Pavlica, BG; Erick Virella, Lima.
Possession of drug paraphernalia: Alex Heyman, BG; Brian Hug, BG.
Possession of marijuana: Jacob Burkard, BG; Giancarlo Butto, Saint Albans, West Virginia; Brandon Harvey,
Possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia: Sierra Harris, BG; Morgan Hay, BG; Johnathan Tetley, BG;
Adam Wright, BG.
Prohibited acts/altered ID: Molly Murphy, BG.
Traffic control device: Nathan Hershiser, BG.
Theft of a package delivered to a residence was reported in the 200 block of Georgia Avenue.
A fighting incident was reported in the 200 block of East Reed Avenue.
Items were reportedly stolen from an apartment in the 400 block of East Napoleon Road.
Theft of a golf bag and clubs from a vehicle was reported in City Lot 2. It was possible that the theft
occurred in Pemberville.
On Aug. 24 in the 600 block of Wallace Avenue, Robert Steiner, 20, BG, was arrested and taken to jail for
disorderly conduct/unable to care for self, criminal trespass, underage under the influence, and
prohibited acts/ID of another.
In the 200 block of North Enterprise Street, Ryan Ortiz, 18, BG, was arrested for open container and
underage possession, and taken to jail.
In the 500 block of West Poe Road, Donald Wendell, 59, BG, was arrested for operating vehicle
impaired/refusal, and taken to jail. He was also cited for improper display of registration and non-use
of safety belt.