BG park and rec fees to increase

The Bowling Green Park Board Tuesday night approved a slate of fee increases to activities, programming
and rentals for 2015.
The increase overall represents an 11- to 12-percent hike in most fees, said Parks and Recreation
Director Michelle Grigore.
"This is just trying to get our budget balanced for 2015," she said.
"We’ve had our same levy for 14 years, next year it’ll be 15 years. So that money doesn’t change as
income. The only place where we really can look at an increase in income to meet the needs of the
staffing costs and medical benefits going up, and utilities, is in our fees and charges."
"Like anybody that’s been on the same income for 15 years, it’s starting to get tight," she
added later.
Among the changes, youth programming, including multi-day camps, will see a $6 increase, while day-long
offerings, like babysitter training, would increase by $1 to $3.
Swimming lessons will increase by $6, with daily pool admission going up between 75 cents and $1. Yearly
pool pass fees would increase by $15.
Daily admission to the community center will go up $1, while a full-year membership will cost $20 more.
There would be a $25 increase per team for regular adult leagues, and $10 for tournaments.
Special event pricing would increase by $3 per person, and rentals will go up $25 for most buildings;
shelter house rentals will increase by $6.
"The main reason for this is we usually hire 100 seasonal workers during the summer" to help
with the pool, youth camps, provide extra maintenance, and handle other tasks.
"We are a service provider, and our product is people," Grigore said of what would happen if an
increase wasn’t approved. "It would have to mean less hiring of seasonals," which then would
affect programming offerings, pool hours and other activities.
"But then our income goes down."
"There was some hesitation," she said of the Park Board’s deliberations on the subject Tuesday.
"We had some long discussions."
Grigore noted that the Park Board, by city ordinance, sets their own fees and charges. However, during
October and March of each year, City Council looks at the fees and charges, and typically passes a
resolution saying they approve of them.
"We haven’t had a price increase for a while," she said.