4-H News: 03-22-14

Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers
The Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers 4-H Club elected its officers on Sunday. Members of the group that were
elected were Lucy Pullins, president; Nicholas McBride, vice-president; Amelia Pullins, secretary:
Jannell Moser, treasurer; and Gwen Landry, news reporter. The health and safety leaders will be AJ
Thomas and Ian Kress; the recreational leader is Adam Canterbury: and photographer, Kelly McBride.
Members handed in their enrollment cards and 4-H camp scholarship forms. They will receive project books,
and go over judge times at the next meeting. Members have until April 15 to change their projects.
The club went over camps that members can participate in. The club members need to bring in their payment
for their project books at next meeting to receive project books. Members decided there are also no dues
this year, but all project books will be paid by the members.
The members went over the dress code for judging that they have to wear a collar shirt with dress pants
and no T-shirts, jeans or shorts are allowed for judging. The club would like to thank the Tontogany
Legion Hall for helping raise $288.
At this meeting the Cloverbuds made no baked oatmeal cookies, and learned the nutritional value of the
ingredients of the cookies.
The next meeting is April 6 at 6:30 p.m., at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.
At this meeting the books will be handed out and members will go over requirements. Committees will also
be chosen.
Four Leaf Clovers Leaders
On Sunday, the Four Leaf Clovers Leaders got together for their first meeting.
To start the meeting, the leadership group got together and elected officials. They elected April
Michaelis as the president, Casey Farley as vice president, Shannon Damschroder as secretary, the
treasurer is Seth Pullins. The news reporter is Krystal Thomas: with the health and safety leaders being
Miranda Gulyas and Will Gase. The recreation group leaders are Quentin Grolle and Heather Hugg: Clover
Bud Asst. Leaders are Kirsten Knell and Casey Swanson.
The club discussed possible fundraisers, 4-H Camp, and leadership opportunities for Leader members.
Details were brought about the 4-H leadership retreat at Jr Fair Building on April 15; many members are
interested in signing up.
Members discussed a new dress code for judging. All members need to wear polo shirts, khakis/khaki
The next meeting will be April 6 at 6 p.m. for the leadership group. There will be a mandatory livestock
quality assurance meeting on May 4 at 6:30 p.m. for any livestock members and parents.
Reporters reminder
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