4-H helpers get a hand

GRAND RAPIDS – Area 4-H volunteers and donors were honored for their contributions to the club Thursday
at Nazareth Hall.
Honored at the event were:
•    Outstanding Service to 4-H Award: Leesa Corken, Blue Ribbon Rangers; Kim Davis, 4-H Supporter;
Catherine Pape, Colorful Clovers; Todd Sheets, Downtown Deco, 4-H Supporter; Erin Holleran, Lake
Harvesters; Nancy Aurand, Farmcrafters; Andrea Schroeder, 4-H Supporter; and Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn,
4-H Supporter.
•    4-H Volunteer Spirit Award: Heather Nissen, Saddles & Surreys; Alan Pullins, Wood County Top
Shots; Allison Betz, Champion Drive 4-H; and Erin Shaffer, Champion Drive 4-H.
•    Honorary 4-H Member Award: Sarah Wensink, Leaders of Tomorrow, and Lesley Riker, Wood-N-Horses.
•    5th H Award: David Hardy, Portage Valley.
•    Special Brick Memorials: Dorothy McQuillen & Helen Sell, 4-H Donors, a brick will be
purchased and located around the flagpole at 4-H Camp Palmer in their memory, and Gail Greaser, Klover
Kids Adviser, a brick will be purchased and placed in the patio of the Wood County Champion Livestock
Exhibition Barn in her memory.