The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

Feb. 28

1250 Ridgewood Drive, Bowling Green, commercial, 0.5 acres, from Ava St. Clair, to Edward and Cynthia Tyrrell, $460,000.

524 McKinley Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Nicholas Peterson and Kristin Clemens, to Jude and Tomia Abia, $215,000.

726 Rosalind Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from James and Carolyn Rebar, to Paul and Danielle Willson, $300,000.

28141, 28155, 28325 and 28128 Center St., Millbury, commercial, from Stony Station LLC, to KDR Millbury LLC, $900,000.

15179 Cypress Drive, Wayne, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio, to Ann Malone and Matthew Geer, $62,900.

22856 Main St., Custer, residential, from Jeremy and Hollie Prisk, to Karen Leal, $40,000.

319 and 0 Lester St., Northwood, residential, from Gladys Lutes, to Raymond Smith, $62,000.

425 Park Ave., Fostoria, residential, from Michael Kimmet, to Tiell Properties, $27,500.

10437 Belmont Meadows Lane, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Lynn Sawyer, to Kenneth and Nanalee Stapleton, trustees, $319,900.

1434 Logan Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Mounir and Lori Khaled, to Lawrence and Sabrina Black, $331,500.

521 Factory St., Jerry City, residential, from John and Melissa Brown, to James Boyd, $5,000.

1018 and 0 Schreier Road, Rossford, residential, from Sally Lohmann, to Laurie and Shane Craig, $205,000.

147 Bacon St., Rossford, residential, from Andrew and Marsha Kott, to Linda Allamon, $78,000.

30185 Hickory Hill Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Phillip and Allison Rollins, trustees, to David Westmeyer III, $525,000.

March 1

9735 Clark Drive, Rossford, commercial, 1.75 acres, from Aamay Hospitality, to Esso T Hospitality, $11,300,000.

9749 Clark Drive, Rossford, commercial, 2.55 acres, from Gallant Hospitality , to Essco S Hospitality, $12,700,000.

March 2

811 Normandie Blvd., Bowling Green, residential, from Chaz Ford, to Robert Whitehurst, $252,390.

446 S. Grove St., Bowling Green, residential, from Allison Papinfuss, to Shan He and Yan Wu, $157,000.

1815 Cherry St., Millbury, residential, from Phylis Barenbrugge, to Theodore Thomas, $137,500.

15064 Cypress Drive, Wayne, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio, trustee, to Kyle and Kerrie Long, 456,900.

155 Dillrose Drive, Northwood, residential, from Christina Pertz, to Christopher Bellavia, $175,000.

117 Hidden Cove Court, Rossford, residential, from Christopher Cooper, to Collin Bohland, $211,000.

513 and 0 Superior St., Rossford, commercial, 0.32 acres, from BAW Properties, to Mary and Edward Smith, $265,000.

19518 Old Mill Road, Washington Township, residential, from Terry Snell, to Michael and Kylee Hanhold, $440,000.

March 3

303 Wabash Ave., North Baltimore, residential, from Vickie Runyon, to Caleb and Heidi Hardwick, $145,000.

4522 Walbridge Road, Lake Township, residential, from Janet and John Mann, to Nicholas Camp, $85,000.

5640 Clover Lane, Lake Township, residential, from Donald Clark, to Donald and Jenna Clark, $190,00.

17224 and 17278 River Road, Middleton Township, residential, from Keybank National Association, trustee, to Douglas and Twila Osborn, $549,000.

2481 Jamestown Drive, Northwood, residential, from Christopher Glambin, to Brian and Tina Lojewski, $170,000.

30744 River Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Mogul R+C, to Juanetia Williams, $220,000.

26350 Thompson Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Marlene Slowinski, to Joseph and Kimberly Saad, $500,000.

107 Rockledge Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Michael Robie and Dana Lee, to BD Smith Construction, $244,000.

889 Brookfield Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Mark and Janet Smith, to Kyle and Tricia Durham, $235,000.

18481 Brim Road, Plain Township, residential, from Charles and Julia Young, to Pete Lee, $37,000.

March 4

1148 Sandpiper Lane, Bowling Green, residential, from Michael and Kylee Hanhold, to Bruce Schaff and Michelle Kelber, $280,000.

619 Lorraine Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Todd Brininger and Bethany Swanson, to Trevor Newby, $141,500.

107 Farnstead Drive, Northwood, residential, from Theodore Kidwell, trustee, to Denise and Mark Leese, $127,500.

425 S. Ridge Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Jigish Trivedi, to Linda Patterson, $377,000.

0 Cloverdale Road, Portage Township, agricultural, 60.38 acres, from Mark and Bruce Hillard, to Michael and Nancy Keys, $635,000.

March 7

1114 Clark St., Bowling Green, residential, from Christopher and Hannah Madaras, to Kyle Schlumbohm and Samantha Tollerud, $255,000.

1609 Daniel Drive, Millbury, residential, from Henry Terry III and April Terry, trustees, to Chad and Courtney Blausey, $323,500.

28641 Hille Drive, Millbury, residential, from Margaret Pena, to Apolonio and Elva Cortez, $148,000.

308 Main St., Walbridge, residential, from Nancy McDaniel, to Teresa Durkee, $176,000.

434 E. Indiana Ave., Perrysburg, residential, from Molly Henry, to Abigail and Joseph Cousino, $245,000.

1060 Mulberry St., Perrysburg, residential, from Thomas and Debra Kleman, to Nicholas Kleman, $210,000.

26409 Stirling Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Zhanghong Zhang and Liying Wang, to Andre and Dorothy Ware, $445,000.

March 8

128 Palmer Ave., Bowling Green, commercial, 0.14 acres, from Thomas Miller, to Coby Miller, $175,000.

29179 Cramer St., Lake Township, residential, from Theodore Thomas, to Marlene Norwalk, $99,000.

7401 and 0 Bradner Road, 0 Cygnet Road and 0 Bays Road, Montgomery Township, agricultural, 181.39 acres, from Sarah Lee and Lisa Sears and Timothy Strawman, to Lisa Sears and Timothy Strawman, $186,733.

0 Yonker Place, Fostoria, residential, from Sutter Development Group, to Sheila and Scott Conway, $237,500.

1561 Watermill Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Joseph Disalle, to Lori Udowski, $384,000.

126 Eagle Point Road, Rossford, residential, from Theodore and Nicholas Gacik, to Sally Lohmann, $155,000.

922 Dixie Highway, Rossford, commercial, from Sharon Smith, trustee, to David Noe Jr. and Lori Kritzell-Noe, $50,000.

3229 Truman Road, Troy Township, residential, from James and John Volschow, trustees, to Joseph Gabriel, $140,000.