Perrysburg rolls past Findlay in district semifinals

MILLBURY — The Perrysburg boy’s basketball team squashed Findlay, 62-43, at Lake High School Thursday night.

The Yellow Jackets executed their game plan perfectly. They used their size to overwhelm the Trojans.

“We knew we had size and that was one thing that would really help us. It helped especially down low and getting rebounds,” Perrysburg senior Kannon Klusmeyer said.

Klusmeyer led all scorers with 23 points. He also chipped in three assists and three rebounds.

Perrysburg head coach Dave Boyce was impressed with Klusmeyer’s performance.

“He’s a competitor, he’s unselfish. He sees the court. He just wants to win,” Boyce said.

The top three leading scorers for the Yellow Jackets were 6’5 and taller.

The 6’5 junior Andrew Hunt had 19 points to go along with three assists and seven rebounds. The 6’6 senior Luke Manges had 11 points along with four assists and five rebounds.

As a team, Perrysburg outrebounded Findlay 27-14. Boyce said the team’s energy helped in getting those rebounding numbers.

“We chased after defensive rebounds and loose balls. Frankly, every one of those things could have gone the other way. Our kids did a great job,” Boyce said.

The size also helped in getting to the free throw line. The Yellow Jackets went 13 for 16 from the charity stripe.

Findlay tried all they could in the second half to get back into the game. They threw full court and half court presses at the Yellow Jackets.

Perrysburg had some trouble at first with the press, but kept calm to out run the press.

“We knew they were going to come out fast and aggressive. We’ve been practicing for it all week,” Klusmeyer said.

The Trojans did have a double-digit scorer. Junior Jake Bishop had 19 points to lead his team.

However, it was not enough to get a consistent offensive rhythm going. The Trojans did not get a taste of having a lead.

The Yellow Jackets raced out to a 6-0 lead to start the game and never gave it up.

Perrysburg will next play on Saturday against an undetermined opponent as of right now. The game is set to be played at Lake High School.