Solar fencing will destroy rural feel of Weston home

To the Editor:
My home is one of many homes that will be affected by the 600+ acre solar farm that will be outside
Weston. Our home sits directly in the middle of the project and will be surrounded on all sides by solar
panels, and 6 foot tall barbed wire fencing.
We bought our home because of the open land concept and the country feel. If the solar farm is put in we
lose all of that.
We have two small children, and who would want to raise their kids in a setting that feels like you are
locked in a cage. Our kids love watching all the deer in the area and if there are solar panels they can
kiss that goodbye. We will not even be able to see our neighbors homes without seeing these panels.
Sadly, if we wanted to even think about selling our home, the value of our home will drop as a result of
the 250,000+ solar panels. We are strongly against this project.
Amber Cocke