Panels will pummel property values


To the Editor,
We have lived in Weston Township for 32 years.We have recently been notified that a very large 600-acre
solar field is planned for our immediate area.
7X solar and their subsidiary Juliet Energy have leased property from several property owners. Most of
the property owners do not live in this vicinity and will not be affected by this project. Many of the
homes on Weston, Sandridge and Milton roads will either have part of this solar project bordering their
properties, some will be surrounded on all sides by the estimated 425,000 solar panels.
Many acres of established and productive farm ground will be interrupted to house this solar field. As
residents we are concerned about field tile, drainage and water sources being disrupted during
We believe a solar field of this size and proximity will drastically affect our property values. The
solar panels will be motorized and surrounded by chain link fences. There is also a large variety of
wildlife that have made this their neighborhood as well. The construction of this property will
drastically interrupt their habitat and route of travel.
None of the home and property owners that are affected by this project were notified in the early design
stages of this project, some not at all until just a few weeks ago.
In speaking with 7X we have asked for some modifications and changes to the planning of this project. Our
requests have been denied and we don’t feel as though our questions to the company have been addressed
This solar field is expected to be in production for 40 years, at the end of this time the panels, fences
etc. will be removed. However, it has been brought to our attention that solar fields and fences in
neighboring states have become rundown. In these cases the residents have been unable to get the
companies to fix the issues.
While this project is slated to increase tax revenue for Otsego Local Schools, it will not in any way
benefit the property owners that are directly affected.
Throughout our county there are several signs stating that this is “farm” country, Maybe they should be
changed to “agriculture” country and a solar “field” is not part of our agriculture.
Mike and Amy Betz

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