7X needs to be a good neighbor

To the Editor:
Supportive of Otsego Local Schools? Completely. Supportive of Milton Township? Absolutely. Supportive of
Wood County? Yes. A believer in green, renewable energy? Of course. Do we want our home surrounded by
hundreds of acres of solar panels for as far as the eye can see?
Honestly, would you?
However, that is exactly what will happen as 7x energy plans to install a 690-acre solar farm in Weston
and Milton townships.
While we understand there will be some benefits to our community, we would like our community to
understand our concerns with the project, a few of which are:
1) disruption/destruction of water lines, leech fields, farm tiles, wells and water tables
2) loss of property value/less market if we chose to sell our home
3) the appearance all around our property
We strive to be good neighbors. We have lived in and loved our home and community for 31 years. We have
not just lived in this community, we have fully supported the businesses in Weston with consistent,
intentional patronage. We have supported the levies for Otsego schools and Milton Township. We have
consistently worked, spent and volunteered in our local community and county. We have made every effort
to maintain and improve our property and hate to see those efforts be in vain.
7x Energy and Juliet Solar must be the good neighbors they say they wish to be, not just in word but in
deed. When these companies reap mega profits from their megawatt solar farm, we, the homeowners who will
be surrounded by the project for 25-40 years should not be disregarded and damaged. If given the
consideration and due diligence we deserve that provides equitable solutions to our needs and concerns,
then we can also be grateful without hesitation for any benefits to our community.
Carol and Larry Solether