Man arrested after threatening to shoot up BG bar

An Akron man has been arrested for menacing after saying he was going to get a gun and shoot up a
downtown bar.
Bowling Green Police Division officers were called to Tubby’s Tavern, 135 N. Main St., at 1:20 a.m.
Thursday for an unwanted guest who said he was going to get a gun or a friend was going to get a gun and
shoot up the place, according to the police report.
When police arrived, a man matching the description of the suspect was seen walking away and yelling back
in the direction of the bar. While doing so, he backed into a trashcan and knocked it over.
When stopped by police, he said he was kicked out of Tubby’s and the employees had racially profiled him.

The man, identified as Keenan Philpott, said he did not threaten to get his gun but that he had a
concealed carry permit.
He told police he was not going to actually go get his gun, which was in his apartment.
However, throughout his conversation with police, Philpott admitted multiple times that he did threaten
to go get his gun, according to the report.
When questioned, a bar employee said Philpott was kicked out for throwing up and being too intoxicated.
Once outside the bar, Philpott allegedly began to threaten to bring a gun before he called a friend and
told that person while on speaker phone to “bring his dirty gun, not the clean one.”
The employee said after the fourth or fifth time Philpott threatened to shoot the place up, he believed
Two witnesses provided corroborating statements.
Philpott, 22, was arrested for aggravated menacing and was taken to jail.
He was released on his own recognizance with instructions to not enter Tubby’s Tavern.