Principle Business Enterprises celebrates 60 years


DUNBRIDGE – Principle Business Enterprises Inc. is celebrating 60 years of manufacturing safety and
absorbent products for the healthcare industry by announcing the evolution of its Tranquility brand of
incontinence products and ongoing commitment to being an employer of choice.
Since welcoming the company’s third generation of family leadership with the appointment of Andrew
Stocking as president and CEO, PBE has continued to focus on product innovation and its mission to
uplift, enlighten and enrich the lives of its customers and associates.
Recent developments include:
Evolution of the Tranquility Brand — PBE has streamlined its selection of incontinence care products to
clearly differentiate them and how the company supports the market in ways no one else can.
The company unified the Tranquility Product Family, which comprises Tranquility, Select, ComfortCare and
Swimmates brands, under the Tranquility name. PBE will introduce Tranquility Premium, Tranquility
Essential and Tranquility Specialty product lines in the coming months to serve consumers at home and in
healthcare facilities. This will include the new “breathable brief,” designed specifically for Medicaid
and long-term care wearers with heavy incontinence needs.
“The Medicaid audience is one of our most vulnerable populations,” said Angie Williams, PBE vice
president of marketing. “For years, our products have been known as the premium incontinence solution.
It is our vision to improve the quality of life for both wearers and caregivers who are managing the
most challenging incontinence situations, and that’s what drives us to serve this audience. Our team has
worked diligently to provide a complete product offering from youth to bariatric, as well as resources
to help navigate Medicaid incontinence coverage.”
PBE is also forming a clinical care team with a dedicated Medicaid specialist.
Smart Technology for Caregivers — PBE recently acquired certain assets and technologies of Near Health, a
smart technology company based in Palo Alto, California. PBE in 2018 began manufacturing absorbent
products to accompany the firm’s patented SmartBrief technology.
PBE expanded its technical capabilities to integrate SmartBrief and associated technologies into
Tranquility Connect, a combined high-absorbent, disposable new product with remote sensing that detects
remaining capacity and body temperature, creating a more systematic and effective way to care for
Unlike other smart incontinence products, Tranquility Connect’s products can be worn for longer periods
of time without leakage or skin breakdown. Temperature sensing is a useful tool for early indication of
Product testing for Tranquility Connect is underway with select partners and is slated to launch
commercially in late 2021.
Employee Benefits and Programs — As a family-owned enterprise, PBE believes that supporting its
associates and treating them as valued members of the family creates a quality workplace.
Industry-leading new benefits and partnerships continue to set PBE apart from other manufacturers:
PBE is the first Ohio-based manufacturing company to partner with to offer benefits for child
backup care, adult backup care and senior care planning.
The company offers paternity, maternity and adoption leave benefits through a six-week paid parental
leave policy.
PBE partnered with two other local employers to offer a dedicated health clinic to its associates, which
provides PBE health plan members primary care visits, over 100 of the most common medications, and
laboratory testing at no out-of-pocket cost.
PBE’s staff has packed and distributed over 10,000 free meals for associates’ children who have been
virtually attending school from home during the coronavirus pandemic.
To encourage development of job and leadership skills, the company is providing all associatesaccess to
over 800 free courses from certified instructors.
“I am proud to carry on the tradition started by my grandparents and continued by my parents of running a
highly mission-based company that values innovation for its associates and customers,” Stocking said.
“We are a family-owned operation making critical healthcare products in the Midwest, and we will
continue to differentiate ourselves through the way we treat and support our workforce, the new
technology and products we bring to the market, and the way we serve and respect all of our customers.”

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