PERRYSBURG — The pending retirement of city finance director and clerk of council has galvanized council
to push for a salary and wage study of the city administration.
Council President Jonathan Smith asked for a salary study of both positions and that the position be
formally split.
“The range would have to be more in line with other communities,” Mayor Tom Mackin said. In reference to
the separate positions, he added, “That would be substantially below what would be competitive.
He asked for a summary of the current salaries, as well as the payout requirements for unused sick time
and vacation. He additionally requested that Clerk of Council Dave Creps give the council members
training on the rules for council.
Smith had done a quick wage survey of other communities for the clerk position and found it to pay $17 to
$22 per hour.
“We would have to determine what the hours would be,” Smith said.
Councilman Cory Kuhlman, who is chair of the personnel committee, said that a comprehensive wage study
for the city is in progress, but wants more specifics.
“I would like some guidance from the administration across all departments…to make sure Perrysburg is in
line with other communities,” Kuhlman said. He added that it should include duties and wage ranges.
Councilman Tim McCarthy wanted those requests to also apply to the finance director position.
“I think it just as important that we have a salary for a finance director that’s competitive,” McCarthy
said. “We’ve been lucky to have Dave all these years. We’ve known the books are good and we know that’s
not true for all jurisdictions.”
From the finance and economic development committee, the appropriations amendment for current expenses
and other expenditures for the 2021 budget had a second reading. The final reading will take place at
the next meeting on Tuesday.
Council met in executive session to discuss a litigation issue and to collective bargaining agreements
for the patrolman’s benevolent association sergeant’s unit, patrol officers’ unit and the communication
officers, animal control officer and records clerks’ unit. Ordinances approving agreements with the
association were passed unanimously and without public discussion.
From the safety committee a purchase agreement for 10 sets of replacement turnout gear was approved for a
cost of $30,170.
Mackin also announced that the city is also involved in collective bargaining with the firefighters’
union regarding coronavirus-related sick leave pay.
In other business, Jolie Sheffer, chair of the Perrysburg Coalition for Inclusion and Social Justice,
presented a progress update to council.
The group was organized in the summer of 2019 in response to several racist incidents that took place in
the city.
The group now regularly has as many as 120 people attending meetings, which have been done both virtually
and at the Way Public Library. They take part in a variety of anti-bias educational activities. They
have also worked in conjunction with other organizations, such as La Conexion, an immigrant rights group
based in Bowling Green.
Members are currently conducting a study with Police Chief Patrick Jones on department statistical data.

The group also has a website, that can be found at and posts current event related
information on their Facebook page. There is also a regular emailed newsletter that can be signed up for
by sending an email to [email protected]
The next event is Thursday at 7 p.m. where the book “Stamped from the Beginning” will be discussed.
Participants must register on the website for tickets and attendance details. The series has been
approved for professional development credit for K-12 teachers at Maumee City Schools, Perrysburg Public
Schools, and the Toledo School for the Arts.
Also at the meeting, council:
• Approved a $34,171 purchase agreement with POW-R Mole Sales LLC for new tapping equipment to be used by
the department of public utilities.
• Approved a $168,432 purchase agreement with Rush Truck Centers for two International Model HV507 2022
plow truck for the department of public works.
• Approved a $183,596 purchase agreement with Henderson Products for the purchase and installation of
parts for two new plow trucks for the department of public service.
• Approved a $51,588 a three-year lawn service agreement with Trugreen Commercial for care of the
Perrysburg government buildings.