Evans’ expertise covers insurance, loans


Michelle Evans, owner of Evans Insurance and Home Loans company in Bowling Green, said she offers the
best in personal service, whether it be in insurance or home financing, because of her experience with
the ups and downs of both industries.
For example, in 2020, Evans said that with her background in both insurance and mortgage financing, she
has been able to save her clients money even during the tough times of the coronavirus pandemic.
A complete listing of the company’s services can be found at https://www.evansinsurancecompany.com/.
As an independent insurance agent, Evans said that she was able to help get the best insurance rates
“Since many people are working from home, they’re looking for ways to save. I can probably find the best
rate for them,” she said. “If someone’s premiums go up, we can phone around to other companies to find a
good rate.”
As an insurance expert, Evans said that she knows the advantages of various insurance companies. Her
example was Erie Insurance.
“If you don’t have any claims, that company is awesome for coverage and customers can save money,” she
They also work with companies such as Progressive and Grange.
“We are able to compare rates from various insurance companies and lenders, therefore always offering you
various options to choose from,” Evans said.
“With an independent insurance agent, you have choices. Independent agents are not tied to any one
insurance company,” she said. “One of the advantages of using an independent agent is that he or she
works to satisfy your needs. You are using an expert for an important financial decision.”
In a similar fashion, Evans can also help customers with various mortgage loans such as USDA, FHA, VA and
conventional loans. She said either new home purchases or refinancing an existing home is something to
be seriously considered right now since interest rates are so low.
She said she started the Evans mortgage and loan business because she found, as a bank manager, that she
loved to work the intricacies of finance.
“I enjoyed structuring of the loan, performing more as an underwriter, bringing all the details
together,” she said.
“When assisting with a purchase or refinance of a home, we always strive to provide great customer
service by building relationships and treating all clients as individuals.”
Evans said that the pandemic was not the first challenge to her business. When the housing bubble burst
in 2009 and foreclosures became more and more common, she decided to diversify into insurance as well.
She obtained her insurance license thereby creating a cushion for her business, as well as increasing
services to her clients.
As a result, she said Evans Insurance and Home Loans has been serving individuals and businesses
throughout Northwest Ohio for over 15 years.
The goal is providing superior protection and rates to clients, plus excellent customer service, she
“Meeting our clients’ needs is our number one goal and therefore Evans Insurance and Home Loans is able
to customize a plan for each individual, in order to meet your personal and business needs.”

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