God’s story is for everyone


To the Editor:
Let me begin by stating I am a Bible-view-of-the-world raised Christian — not man’s view of the world. If
you do not believe that the Bible is God’s story of salvation for mankind, you may want stop reading.

I hope you continue because his story is for everyone. I attended a denominational church supported
meeting a few years back concerned about the spreading of the Gospel where a person voiced that you must
study to know the history of languages to understand the Scriptures. This is not true. Salvation is for
people who confess sin and ask Christ to save them through his death for them on the cross.
I thank my parents for guiding me to Jesus and thank God for giving fellow Christians like Paul Tyson and
Barbara Brunner the courage to voice their understanding of God. Too may Christians are fearful of
letting the world know about their love for and desire to follow the savior. If we accept his saving
grace, we will be commanded to witness. His promise is he will give us the words to say.
Now to the point of my letter. This winter has forced me to find booties for my dog since the use of salt
has increased. I’m not complaining; I appreciate that those who can get out safely to salt or shovel
sidewalks, do so.
This need for booties brought to mind that Christians are referred to as “the salt of the earth” in
Matthew 5:13 by Jesus. And if we lose our saltiness, what good are we? If we lose our “saltiness” —
strength in the lord to share his light to the world — we will become like real salt which is thrown out
and trampled by men.
If you are asking how can a loving God do that to us? The choice is ours. God loves us so much he let his
only son become sin for us, die on the cross and come back to life; and in doing so, defeat the death of
our souls so you and I can spend eternity with God.
Susan Butler
Bowling Green

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