Long-term care cases hold steady in Wood County

There have been 11,291 confirmed and probable coronavirus cases in Wood County, according to a Thursday
health department update.
This is an increase of 23 since Tuesday.
There have been 190 deaths, which is a decrease of two; the health department stated that two of the
total deaths have been transferred to other jurisdictions.
There are 77 active cases; this is a decrease of 13 since Tuesday.
There have been 555 hospitalizations since March. The age range is 1-103 and the median age is 39. There
are 5,390 males and 5,901 females.
There have been 90 men and 100 women who have died.
Of the women, one was in her 100s, 30 were in their 90s, 36 in their 80s, 21 in their 70s, five in their
60s, five in their 50s, one in her 40s and one in her 20s. Of the men, 15 were in their 90s, 36 were in
their 80s, 23 in their 70s, 12 in their 60s, one in his 50s, two in his 40s and one in his 30s.
The vaccine allotment since Jan. 18 was 5,150 with 99.8% administered. They went to Kroger Bowling Green,
400; Kroger Perrysburg, 300; Meijer Bowling Green, 450; Mercy Health Perrysburg, 2,200; health
department, 1,300; and Wood County Hospital, 500.
According to the state vaccine dashboard, as of Thursday, there have been 16,333 vaccines started in Wood
County, affecting 12.49% of the population. The number was 15,955 on Tuesday.
Statewide, there have been 1,369,627 vaccines started, affecting 11.72% of the population.
A note on the state website said that due to a technical issue, there was a delay in the normal time that
vaccine numbers were updated on Wednesday. As a result, the cumulative number is higher.
There are 12 zip codes with active coronavirus cases.
There are 26-30 active cases in Bowling Green and Perrysburg.
There are 6-10 active cases in Northwood. There are 1-5 active cases in Bradner, Fostoria, Jerry City,
Millbury, Pemberville, Rossford, Rudolph, Walbridge and Wayne.
There have been 29 impacts to local schools for the week of Feb. 8, compared to 20 last week.
There are reports from Bowling Green (five students, five staff), Eastwood (three students, zero staff),
Elmwood (zero students, one staff), Lake (two students, zero staff), Otsego (zero students, one staff)
Penta Career Center (two students, zero staff), Perrysburg (8 students, one staff) and Rossford (zero
students, one staff).
There have been 864 long-term care coronavirus cases, which is the same as last week.
Wood County’s state alert for coronavirus is “red” or level 3. Level 3 means that there is very high
exposure and spread. People are encouraged to limit activities.
There have been 228 cases over the past two weeks. Wood County’s population is 130,817. That is 174 cases
per 100,000. Last week’s reporting was 348 cases over the past two weeks.
Statewide, there are 816,057 confirmed cases and 14,132 confirmed deaths.