Redistricting, school funding issues loom

To the Editor:
The elected officials in Ohio are going to make some exceedingly important decisions this year concerning
redistricting and funding for education.
The League of Women Voters helped to pass laws about how redistricting must be done, and we will be
observing and participating to be sure that process is followed, and the redrawn maps are fair. One wit
stated there are more possible district maps than atoms in the universe. Not quite, but there are myriad
House Bill 1, Fair School Funding, is being heard in the House of Representatives. This bill
overwhelmingly passed the House last year as the Cupp-Patterson bill, but it was stopped in the Senate.
It provides a structure for the fair, equitable, and constitutional funding of public, private, and
voucher schools. Ohio is the only state that subtracts funding from public schools to fund private and
voucher schools.
We urge you to stay informed and follow these efforts as their passage, or failure to pass, will greatly
affect every person’s future. Please visit member directories at and to
find contact information for Representative Ghanbari and Senator Gavarone and ask them to support fair
redistricting and HB1 Fair School Funding.
The League of Women Voters of Bowling Green is a vital, active, non-partisan group of women and men.
Please join us! We will welcome you. Get more information and sign-up on our website:
Lee Hakel
President, League of Women Voters Bowling Green