Bomb threat addessed at board meeting


At Tuesday’s meeting of the Bowling Green Board of Education, Superintendent Francis Scruci discussed the
bomb threat made at Kenwood Elementary April 8.
Principal Kathleen Daney received through the mail a hand-written note threatening to detonate a pipe
bomb in the school.
“Within minutes every entry to the Kenwood property was secured by police,” Scruci said.
Students in the STARS program and those waiting for buses were evacuated.
The building was swept by a bomb dog and nothing was found, he continued, and praised the police
department for providing an additional police presence in all the buildings all week.
Unfortunately, there was some adverse reaction as well, he said, pointing out a comment made by Grant
Chamberlain on a Facebook post of the story.
“It was difficult and certainly disappointing to read in the social media post that a local resident …
encouraged parents to take their students out of Kenwood, stating it was in a downward spiral. As if
insinuating that the staff at Kenwood were somehow responsible for receiving a pipe bomb threat sent
through the mail.”
While Kenwood has had a lot of scrutiny and criticism because of the EdChoice status, Scruci said,“it is
not a failing school, as many great things are happening there, which is a credit to our staff.”
During difficult times it is important to be positive and to collaborate to make a better situation, he
“Negativity serves no purpose, especially when we’re discussing a threat outside the control of the
building and the district.”

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