Horizon Youth Theatre teams with Toledo group for shorts


The Horizon Youth Theatre’s 2019 Festival of Shorts will be on stage this weekend at Otsego Elementary,
18505 Tontogany Creek Road.
This will be a collaboration between HYT and Toledo’s Children’s Theatre Workshop. A total of 11
student-written plays were chosen for production.
The Bowling Green shows will take place on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Admission
is by donation.
The plays, with their performance days and cast lists, are as follows:
• “Haunted by The 2019 Devising Class,” directed by Keith Guion. Performing Friday and Sunday: Elise
Allen, Izzie Douglass, Maggie Otley, Reagan Otley, Adam Proulx, Isobel Roberts-Zibbel, Charlie Vostal,
and Alice Walters.
• “No Rain, No Flowers” by Libby Barnett and Paige Suelzer, directed by Cassie Greenlee. Performing
Friday and Sunday: Whitney Bechstein, Ali Larsen, Sadie Roberts, Angie Ruiz, Rose Walters, and Aria
• “The Origin of April Fools’ Day” by Gavin Miller and Lola Truman, directed by Ligaya Edge. Performing
Friday and Saturday: Aidan Thomas, Lauren Peppers, Jersey Holland, Shiloh Strausbaugh, Nile Jones, and
Toryn Killy.
• “Peace and Quiet (Not)” by Liam Rogel, directed by Alexis Reinbolt. Performing Friday and Saturday:
Scarlett Strausbaugh, Drew Thomas, Nolan Strausbaugh, Faith Davis, Sofia Swaisgood, and Gideon Mohn.
• “The Tale of the Imaginary Friend” by Emy Wilkins, directed by Bella Truman. Performing Saturday and
Sunday: Libby Barnett, Lila Stover, Julia Barnett, Kathryn Mullins, Miles Schober, and Oliver St. Louis.

• “Metal, Gorse, and King George” by Abby Farris, directed by Missy Snyder. Performing Saturday and
Sunday: Liam Rogel, Sarah Keller, and Carson O’Brien.
The plays to be performed in Toledo on April 5 and 6 (2417 Collingwood Blvd.) are “The Three Little Pigs
and The Big Bad Wolf (and Her Pet Unicorn)” by Izzie and Maddie Milks; “Game of the Gods” by Charlie
Vostal; “A Girl Lost Between Seasons” by Tierny Fox; History in a Nutshell by Terise Stevens and Chloe
Collins; “A Will to Remember” by Eli Marx; and “Sidetracked” by Julia Barnett and Lauren Peppers.

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