Graduating to the friendly skies


Instead of being in the classroom teaching her students about archaeology and geography, Selene Bostdorff
will now live it.
Bostdorff, who for the last 34 years taught at Otsego Local Schools, has retired to become a flight
She said she has been thinking for several years about what to do in retirement, and she likes to help
people and travel, so “being a travel agent allows me to get paid for both of those.”
Bostdorff teaches seventh-grade social studies at Otsego Junior High School. Her official retirement was
to be May 1, but when the opportunity arose to interview for a flight position, she jumped on it.
“These jobs are highly competitive,” Bostdorff said. “It was a diverse group of people and I was very
fortunate to be offered this chance.”
She interviewed with several airlines and a regional position was offered. Then, she was invited to
Dallas to interview with American Airlines in January and was offered the job.
“The wheels were already in progress to retire early.’’
Bostdorff leaves in April for the six-week training program in Dallas.
Her last day in the classroom was March 1, and husband Jim provided lunch for staff and students.
Bostdorff said she will miss teaching.
“This is an outstanding class,” she said about her students. “And amazing colleagues.”
American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, Bostdorff said.
“They have a huge order for new planes, they’re going to be one of the largest fleets in the world.”
That will allow her to travel national as well as international routes if required, she added.
Bostdorff received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Bowling Green State University in
1983 and then her master’s in educational administration and supervision in 1988.
Husband Jim is a full-time grain farmer and the varsity basketball coach at Otsego.
He will receive flight benefits, “so if we do have some time off, we will be able to go other places.”

She said rather than teach Roman architecture to her students, she now may have the opportunity to see it
first hand.
She’s been to Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and most of the U.S., “but there are certainly places
I have not been.”
Northern Europe is of interest as is Australia, as American Airlines is a partner with Qantas airlines,
making it easier to visit those places.
But she will “travel anywhere American Airlines needs me to go.”
Her oldest daughter, Kaley, is a junior high school teacher in Virginia and married to an Air Force
captain currently stationed in South Korea. She headed there this week to visit her and granddaughter
“You don’t have to twist my arm to do that,” Bostdorff said with a laugh.
Daughter Hannah is a registered nurse at the Cleveland Clinic and her youngest, David, is a freshman at
Owens Community College.
David will graduate in May, and she will miss the event because she will be in Dallas.
“That has been a very unfortunate part, I know there are going to be times like that,” Bostdorff said.

She also will miss her niece graduating from Otsego for the same reason.
“I’m not happy about that but I know this is what I need to do.”
The payoff will be her time at home, as well as opportunities to travel.
“My first love was teaching, that is in my Scott blood,” Bostdorff said.
A 1980 Otsego graduate, she is the daughter of Bernie and Jean Scott, Tontogany. He was a long-time ag
educator at Otsego.
”I’ve absolutely loved my teaching career. And I was very fortunate I was able to spend 34 years at
Otsego,” she said. “I love the Otsego community and my teaching career, but I am excited about this next

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