Garden Club News

Four Seasons Garden Club
Nine members met April 3 at the Pemberville Library.
John Krukemeyer from MidWood gave a presentation on pesticides, including dusts, granules, aerosols,
baits, trigger sprays, ready sprays and concentrates, which he recommended. He also talked about safety,
including reading containers and using goggles, gloves and respirators. He spoke briefly on tools, mulch
and what to look for when purchasing bulk.
Krukemeyer handed out business cards from Mike Soboleski with Sobee Honey (​​) for
members interested in more information and in signing up for the new “bee” classes. He mentioned that
white clover patches can be planted to attract bees.
A business meeting followed. Renee Wendt, secretary, read the minutes from March 6 and they were approved
as corrected. Ellen Walston, treasurer, reported balance of garden club and flower show funds; there
were no bills. The report will be filed for audit.
Walston distributed the updated/revised flower show schedule and it will be sent to the group’s two
judges, Sue Hamlet and Marlene Purdy. Faye Schuerman has the totes and she did inventory on ribbons.
Trina Karns has all other flower show supplies.
Walston handed out seed packets to members in attendance; the cost is $6.
Wendt mentioned volunteering at the first Annual Black Swamp Seed Swap. It was a slow start but steady.
There were a lot of flower, tomato, cucumber and squash seeds. The Wild Ones had a table and presented
the varieties of natives for the area.
A Garden Path seminar will be July 13-15 in Dublin, Ohio. Thursday night will be “designing fun with the
crazy ladies.”
The next meeting will be May 1 at the library at 7 p.m. with hostesses Jane Kohlenberg and Kathy Munger.
The program will be container gardening from the 577 Foundation.
With no further business, Walston moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m., seconded by Munger.