2 people dead, 3 missing after boat capsizes in Ohio River

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Two people were killed and three remained missing after the pontoon boat they were
riding in hit a barge and capsized in the Ohio River, Kentucky authorities said Sunday.
Louisville Fire Chief Greg Frederick said nine people were aboard the boat and that four were rescued
after the accident shortly before 10 p.m. Saturday. He said three of those rescued were children and
that they were wearing life jackets.
Frederick said the fatalities include one adult and one child. He said a child is among the missing. It’s
unclear if they were wearing life jackets.
No identifications have been released.
Frederick said the barge was in a construction site about a mile upstream from the Clark Memorial Bridge.
He said authorities planned to search for survivors until Sunday night, and that the Civil Air Patrol
was helping in the search.
Frederick said the current of the river was too strong to use divers, and that it contained a lot of
"There are entire trees … floating down at a rapid rate of speed," he said. "We just
don’t think it’s safe to put divers in."
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