Poiema is ‘homey’ place to shop for artwork, homemade candles, jewelry

Stephanie Book is the
owner of Poiema in Bowling Green. (Photo: J.D. Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)

Stephanie Book knows there are a lot of creative people in Bowling Green and the surrounding area.
As someone who makes scented candles and jewelry, she counts herself as one of them.
And as someone who has wanted to have her own shop since she was growing up in Salem, Ore., the idea of
opening a place to sell such goods seemed natural.
After years of considering it, a friend urged her to get on with her dream.
In mid-June she opened Poiema, at 115 W. Merry St., just off North Main Street.
"It just seemed like the right time," Book said.
When she saw the shop, she was convinced of it. It allows her to display her wares in a "homey"
space that makes it easy for customers to see how the goods fit into a home.
The shop sells artwork, including paintings, drawings, and photography; candles and homemade soap; cards
and stationary; jewelry, children’s bows and tutus; treats for both human and canine tummies; and
While much is from local producers, not all is. The bags are by Miche with their signature convertible
The shop operates as a cooperative, with artisans having the option of working in the shop.
Book said the mix of wares in her shop was inspired by a store she helped a friend set up in Pennsylvania
five years ago.
Book went to college in Clarks Summit, Pa., where she graduated from Baptist Bible College. That’s where
she met her future husband, Matthew Book, from Bowling Green.
They now have two children, Ryan and Makenna.
Poiema, a Greek word, seemed the perfect name for the shop. It refers to inspiration – the word
"poem" is derived from it – and it appears in the Bible.
"Since we’re all creating amazing things," Book said, "I thought it would be