Applicants file for park board seats

A judge must sift through 18 applications to pick three members for the Wood County Park District Board.

Probate/Juvenile Court Judge David Woessner said the 18 applications are the most he’s ever received for
the park positions since he started serving in 1998.
"It doesn’t come as a surprise given the interest," Woessner said.
The park board came under fire earlier this year after it recommended huge salary increases – ranging up
to 74 percent with the average salary increase being 32 percent – for its 20 employees.
After public outcry, the raises were rescinded and 4 and 3 percent increases were given. The current
three-member board also voted to expand to five members.
The board is now waiting until the new members are appointed to make salary decisions for next year.
Woessner plans on interviewing all 18 candidates and making a decision by mid-December. The new members
would start serving Jan. 1.
"I just want to meet the people. I think if people are interested enough to sit down and write a
note and express information É they should be given an opportunity to sit down face to face.
"There’s no litmus test or set questions. Obviously, I’m looking to see interest in the park
district," he said. "I expect the interviews will be wide-ranging and I’ll allow them to raise
The terms would be staggered. The positions include the current full term, which is now held by Char
Scherer, who also applied for re-appointment.
Other applicants include Robert Callecod, the longtime director of Bowling Green Parks and Recreation;
Bowling Green City Prosecutor Matthew Reger, and Richard Ruffner, who regularly attends park board
meetings and was a critic of the salary increases.
The new terms would range from one to three years. The other two current board members, George Thompson
and Joan Foster, are in the middle of their terms, Woessner said.
In recent years there hasn’t been much interest from the public in filling the park board seats, he said.

"Frankly, very little. We would in the past be lucky to receive two or three applications for one
seat," Woessner said.
Woessner thinks the expansion will benefit the park district.
"The board has done such a good job of expanding programming, of land acquisition over the years.
And the park district is really a good park district, and by allowing additional people on the board
you’re allowing more view points that are going to bring in more options."
The applicants in alphabetical order are:
¥ Chris Bloomfield, Millbury
¥ Robert Callecod, Bowling Green
¥ Catherine Carroll, Rossford
¥ Craig Frederickson, Perrysburg
¥ Jack Fynes, Perrysburg
¥ Brendyn George, Deshler
¥ Margaret Hancock, Bowling Green
¥ Joe Long, Grand Rapids
¥ Mary McCormick Krueger, Pemberville
¥ Andrew Miller, Haskins
¥ James Phares, Weston
¥ Ellen Radcliff, Fostoria
¥ Matthew Reger, Bowling Green
¥ Simon Rodriguez, Perrysburg
¥ Richard Ruffner, Bowling Green
¥ Charlotte Scherer, Bowling Green
¥ Curtis Schober, Perrysburg
¥ Robert Smigelski, Grand Rapids