2010 Year in Photos

Paul Reimer, of Perrysburg, jogs down Reitz Road as the sun sets behind him on Sept. 30. (Photo: Andrew


Perrysburg’s Jake Wenzelman (3) jumps over Bowling Green’s goalie during the first half of a
soccer game on Oct. 21. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
Dancers during rehearsal for weekend performance
at Bowling Green State University’s Kobacker Hall on Jan. 27. (Photo: JD
Bowling Green State University’s Curt Miller waves to the crowd, Jan. 23, after defeating
Eastern Michigan and getting his 100th Mid-American Conference win. (Photo: Andrew
Kids chase after a pig Aug. 9, during annual Catch a Pig contest at the Wood County Fair.
(Photo: Aaron Carpenter/Sentinel-Tribune)
A member of the Carson and Barnes Circus performs July 24 at the
Woodland Mall in Bowling Green. Founded in 1937, the circus also featured an international cast, with
performers from the U.S., Mexico, Peru, Russia, Argentina, Italy and Brazil. (Photo: JD
Trombone Shorty’s drummer Joey Peebles entertains Sept. 11, during the annual Black Swamp
Festival in Bowling Green. (Photo: Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune)
Elmwood’s Adam Tyson reacts after defeating
Coldwater, May 28, during a baseball playoff game. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
A Peregrine Falcon is seen
flying near the clock tower of the Wood County court house, Tuesday, Oct. 19. (Photo: Andrew
Volunteer firefighters fight a field fire, Sept. 24, southwest of Bowling Green. Smoke from
the fire blew into town due to high winds. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Empty cups are left behind during the
Fiver Miler race in Pemberville. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
Members of the U.S. Army Honor Guard
stand at attention next to the casket of Lt. Col. Thomas P. Belkofer, Saturday, May 29, before the start
of a memorial service at Cedar Creek church in Perrysburg. Officer Belkofer died May 18, 2010, during
Operation Enduring Freedom, in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered in a suicide car bombing. (Photo:
JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland embraces a tearful Jim Walters along Main street, June 8,
in Millbury after a tornado ripped through the town three days earlier. (Photo: JD
Wes Hoffman, left, smiles, March 18, while being honored by Galen Ash and the Kiwanis Club for
his many years of service. Hoffman died later in the year. (Photo: JD
Horse-drawn wagon carrying the body of David "Mike" Warner Sr. moves through
downtown Weston, Sept. 2, heading to Weston Cemetery. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Nick Hyndan, who has
cerebral palsy, does situps, Jan. 12, in between sparring sessions with his teammates on the Perrysburg
JV wrestling team. (Photo: Aaron Carpenter/Sentinel-Tribune)
A member of the Bowling Green fire department
secures another firefighter to a sled, Feb. 4, in Bowling Green. The fire department was taking
advantage of cold temperatures to train for ice rescues. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Lake High School
Valedictorian Katelyn Kranz is overcome with emotion after receiving her degree during graduation
ceremonies, Tuesday, June 8, at Owens Community College. The school had to move its graduation
ceremonies to a new location after a tornado destroyed the school’s gymnasium where graduation was to be
held. Krantz’s father was killed during the storm. (Photo: Aaron Carpenter/Sentinel-Tribune)
A BGSU student walks
through a wall of blowing leaves, Nov. 15, near Anderson Arena. A BGSU groundskeeper was using a high
powered blower, clearing leaves from the area. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Dawn Hasselbach comforts
her son Zachary, 7, as nurse Pat Krause of the Wood County Health Department administers the H1N1
vaccine, Jan. 9, while twin brother Jason, 7, looks on. (Photo: Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune)
House fire on Maple
Street, Feb. 23, in Dowling. (Photo: Aaron Carpenter/Sentinel-Tribune)
Cinda Stutzman, middle, watches as meadow is
burned, March 18, at Wintergarden/St. John’s Nature Perserve in Bowling Green. (Photo: JD
Kevin Pierce works on painting a mural on the wall of the Ben Franklin store, July 14, in
Bowling Green. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Supporters took to the street in Perrysburg, Jan.
19, for Navy Seal Matthew McCabe, from Perrysburg, who was charged with punching an Iraqi prisoner.
(Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Charlie Hughes, left, and Matt Marquette celebrate a play, Feb. 5, near the end of
a high school basketball game in Perrysburg. (Photo: Aaron Carpenter/Sentinel-Tribune)
Bowling Green’s Kelsey
Lahey (18) and Haley Broadway (18) celebrate, Sept. 9, with teammates after scoring a point against
Perrysburg. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
Bowling Green’s Xavier Brown (13) celebrates with
teammates, Dec. 14, during a high school basketball game. (Photo: Andrew
Perryburg’s Aaron Pinkleman (17) reacts, Oct. 25, after losing to Findlay 1-0 in overtime
during a high school soccer match. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
Perrysburgs head coach Todd Sims
celebrates, March 6, with teammates after defeating Marion Harding during a high school basketball
playoff game. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
A bagpiper during annual Police Memorial Service,
May 13, at the Wood County Court House. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Bill Meyers owner of the W.R. Meyers
Co. works high above Bowling Green, June 10, while painting the tower of the police station. (Photo: JD
Gibsonburg’s Soren Sondergeld (from left), Rebecca Bixby, Amber Frankforther, and Maria
Moscioni celebrate their 130-122 victory over Eastwood, March 26, during the Quiz Bowl tournament at the
Wood County Educational Services Center in Bowling Green. (Photo: Aaron
Nick Musarra, a member of the Bowling Green Falcon Rugby Team, practices a kick
downfield, Sept. 29, in Bowling Green. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
Vernon Wolcott walks down a snow
covered street, Feb. 10, in Bowling Green. The area received ten inches of snow. (Photo: JD
Members of the Wood County Sheriff’s Office and Special Response Team remove Keith Sadler from
his former home Friday, May 7, 2010, in Stony Ridge, Ohio. The home had been heavily fortified, with the
windows covered in wood and braced with cross beams. Concrete blocks were stacked in front of doors. The
former homeowner, Keith Sadler, and four supporters from the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League, were
sitting on the floor in a circle with their arms enclosed in homemade lock boxes. Their arms were
inserted in PVC pipe, encased in chicken wire and mortar. Chains on their wrists were then secured to
the lock boxes with large bolts. Sadler, who had lived in the house for 20 years and received
foreclosure notices after getting laid off last year, and was hoping his standoff would result in a
moratorium on foreclosures. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Kelly Kirchner reacts while looking over damage,
June 6, left by a tornado that killed four in Millbury, Ohio. (Photo: JD
Clayton Pahl, of Bowling Green, during annual tractor pull, Aug. 5, at the Wood County Fair in
Bowling Green. (Photo: Andrew Weber/Sentinel-Tribune)
The driver of a van that crashed into LaRoe’s
restaurant sits at a booth, left, looking at his van, Nov. 18, in Grand Rapids, Ohio. According to Wood
County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn, the van and another vehicle were involved in a traffic crash along Front
Street near the restaurant. The van driver, an 84-year-old man from Paulding County, subsequently drove
into the restaurant. No injuries were reported. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Four fishermen walk toward
the Maumee River, April 2, ready to try their luck during the annual walleye run. The walleye run brings
thousands of anglers to the river each year. (Photo: JD Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)