To the Editor: Latta should work in bipartisan way

Kudos to those in the House of Representatives who were gutsy enough to support major health care reform
for our country. Unfortunately, my representative, Bob Latta, was not one of these. While I have voted
for Latta, I realize he is not willing at this time to work in a bipartisan manner to provide us, the
American people, with the affordable and attainable health care. I have contacted his office and hope
others will continue to do so.
I am praying that we will come together as a nation and dismiss the voices of lobbyists and extreme
naysayers. We can communicate, innovate, and move forward. My prayers are that we can be compassionate
and respectful towards each other. I know I am an idealist, but our country is founded on ideals and
that is what we need to focus on. The historic vote from the House on H.R. 3962 is an awesome beginning.
Let’s continue to move forward in this time of desperate need.
Dr. Savilla Banister
Bowling Green