Songwriter Corey Smith in BG Wednesday

Georgia bred singer songwriter Corey Smith will bring his style-defying act to the Cla-Zel Theater, 127 N
Main St., Wednesday at 7 p.,m. Tickets are $12 and $15. Call (419) 353-5000.
Smith, who still lives near where he grew up, was influenced by all the musical trends that passed
through the South – gospel, country, blues, rock, hip-hop.
Living near Athens, Ga., he got to experience that college town’s fertile music scene early, and after a
few years bouncing around smaller colleges, he headed back to Athens to attend the University of
There he decided to major in social studies education, and after graduating started teaching at a local
high school.
He continued to write songs despite the responsibilities of a job and family. He entered a songwriting
competition and won the chance to record his first album, "Undertones."
That album featured the college anthem "Twenty-One," which endeared him to bar crowds.
"I’m Not Gonna’ Cry" has been adopted by high school students and in 2007, more than 200
schools chose the single as their graduation anthem.
He went on to record three more albums and a six-song EP that features some of his most raucous material,
with his latest album due out later this month.
"I have such a personal, intimate relationship with the songs," he says of his music. "As
I’ve matured, the songs have matured. People ask me what my favorite song is and every time my answer
is, ‘The most recent song I’ve written.’ I feel like with every song I’m a little bit closer to
explaining who I am."
Smith tours with a trio with himself on vocals and guitar and a bass and drums.
Recently he’s shaped his show so it’s more than just about partying, and brings his more reflective songs
to the fore.
"The show has really evolved. Also, the songs are about more than just one thing – I’m not just that
drinking-song guy, or that nostalgia guy."