4-H news: 11-07

Black Swamp Outlaws
The Black Swamp Outlaws 4-H Club ended the 2009 year with their annual awards party and announced 2010
Congratulations to the following members and their new positions in the club: Stephanie Low, president;
Justin Spencer, co-president; Jessica Beigel, vice president’ Bri Schumaker, secretary; Alisha
Schumaker, treasurer; Stephanie DeVoe, reporter; Nathan Spencer, historian; Ashley Halleck, health;
Jessie Low, safety; and Gabby Dugger and Sarah Fisher, recreation.
The Glo Bowling party will be held at Al-Mar Lanes in Bowling Green on Nov. 14 at 3 p.m. followed by
pizza at Mancino’s.
The Horseman’s Flea Market will be Nov. 15.
The club is signed up for clean up duty at 3:30 p.m. Members should check the website for more
information and to sign up.
The Black Swamp Outlaws are accepting new enrollments for 2010. Those interested can contact Kim Shumaker
at (419) 320-7018.