BG to change route for bicycle proposal

Adoption of a Bicycle Implementation Plan in Bowling Green will be delayed a couple of months while some
of the routes are reworked.
BG’s Planning Commission Wednesday night tabled the document until its Dec. 2 meeting to allow for the
Bicycle Safety Commission to make changes. That group will meet Nov. 17. BG’s Traffic Commission, which
approved the plan at its October meeting, will be asked to review and approve the revised document
sometime before Dec. 2.
City Planning Director Rick Ketzenbarger said some of the proposed routes involved BGSU property which
could not be signed. Ketzenbarger said Bicycle Safety Commission members spent about three years working
on the project.
The commission went ahead with the public hearing on the plan but no one offered comments.
The commission also:
¥ Recommended (8-0) to city council revisions to parking requirements. Ketzenbarger said the adjustments
were based on a five-year review. There were no comments during a public hearing.
¥ Set a Jan. 6 public hearing on a proposed rezoning of Wintergarden/St. John’s Nature Preserve from S-3,
planned institutional, and R-1, single-family residential, to I-1, institutional. The request is part of
a city effort to get all park land zoned as institutional. Carter Park already has that zoning.
¥ Set for Dec. 2 a public hearing on changes to the B-1, neighborhood commercial district. Ketzenbarger
said the designation has its roots in the days when there were numerous neighborhood grocery stores in
the city. He said the district would be known as limited commercial and would continue to ban such uses
as bars, taverns and dance halls.