Two ‘salesmen’ arrested but scam continues

Bowling Green police have arrested two people soliciting without a permit, but the incident is unrelated
to the linoleum scam about which the division has warned residents.
Monica L. Sodd of Oak Hill, has been arrested for a felony warrant from Scioto County for attempted
forgery; and Winona J. Deleon, also of Oak Hill, has been arrested for felony obstruction of justice and
soliciting without a permit.
Officers are still looking for two men who are talking their way into homes uninvited on the pretense of
selling linoleum. Four occasions were reported Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. While one male tries
to sell linoleum and distract the resident, another suspect goes into other parts of the home and in one
instance stole a purse and broke into a safe.
One suspect is described in his 20s and the other a middle-aged man with dark and gray hair in a ponytail
wearing a dark green camouflage-type jacket.
The public is reminded that door to door sales in Bowling Green require a permit and it has been the
experience of the Police Division that the personnel who have been stopped and questioned regarding
solicitation have questionable backgrounds, warrants, and offer substandard services or products. Report
any solicitors to the police immediately.