Troy EMS levy left off ballot


LUCKEY – The Troy Township EMS levy was not on Tuesday’s ballot, prompting paper ballots to be issued at
the direction of the secretary of state.
It was one of a couple problems the Wood County Board of Elections dealt with on Election Day, according
to Director Terry Burton.
He said his office was notified about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday by the Troy Township clerk that the 1.8 mill
levy was not on the ballot.
After a call to the state, the county board issued paper ballots for the levy only and allowed residents
to continue voting on the machines for other issues and candidates.
People who had voted in the morning were allowed to come back and vote on the EMS issue, Burton said.
In his 16 years at the board of elections, Burton said he has never dealt with this type of issue.
According to unofficial results, the levy passed with 900 votes for (68 percent) and 423 against (32
In Perrysburg Township, there were some expected discussions over who was eligible to vote on two zoning
"That caused a lot of angst," Burton said.
The board had expected some questions, however, and had prepared addresses from a township map.
Also in the township, candidate James Neu Jr. reported to the board of elections that his last name was
misspelled on the ballot.
After a call to the secretary of state, Burton said there wouldn’t be any special circumstances because
the misspelling is so close to what was on the ballot – Nue.
Neu lost to incumbents Gary Britten and Robert Mack.
"It was a long day," Burton said. "There seemed to be quite a bit of things – not major
issues – that continually cropped up."

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