To the Editor: Health care bill criticized


The crown jewel of socialism is about to be forced down our throats. This is a pivotal week for our
country. Congress is possibly voting on socialized medicine this week. Please call your congressman
today and voice your opinion. This health care bill is nothing more then our freedom being
systematically striped away from us.
We have turned from a country that used to have honor in saying and believingÉÉ ‘ask not what your
country can do for youÉ’ to a gimme gimme mentality of ‘ask what your country can do for you.’
This latest bill is entirely about power and absolutely nothing to do with helping the American people.
Our current administration wants you to need them, they want to ensure millions of illegal aliens so
that they become their next generation of liberal voters. We are a country with a history that includes
hard working values and taking care of ourselves. When you allow the government to take care of you, we
become weak and vulnerable to our enemies and apathetic regarding our freedom. Freedom is something we
should all cherish and thank God for everyday. We cannot allow this congress to take us hostage.
I will call again and voice my opinion to our two state senators as well as the congressional
representative in my district and I implore all to educate themselves and voice their opinion to those
who control our future.
Cindy Morlock
Bowling Green

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