Haskins picks 4 from 11 candidates

HASKINS – Following Tuesday’s election among 11 candidates for four council seats, voters chose one
incumbent and three new members to represent them. Who that fourth member will be was undecided as of
this morning because of a tie.
Voters gave Councilman Tim Enright another four years in office as the second highest vote-getter. Also
elected were Dustin Featzka and Lisa Bundy, Edward Jacobs and Bradley Heft ended up tied for the fourth
Featzka was the top vote getter with 166 votes, or 13.86 percent. Enright received 151 votes (12.4
percent); Bundy, 143 votes (12 percent) and Heft and Jacobs, 113 (9.5 percent).
"It’s rather exciting. It definitely shows the village is willing to look at new options available
to them," stated Featzka during a phone interview Tuesday night, adding congratulations to the
other winners.
He thanked those who volunteered their time to help him in his campaign, including his parents, Jon and
Cindy Featzka, his sister, Mackenzie Featzka, and daughters, Emily and Katie, who helped pass out
"I have been vocal about my concerns I’ve seen with the village, and came with solutions,"
Featzka said. "I see greater potential for the village of Haskins, and people believed in that.
It’s time for change now."
Enright said he wanted to wait to make any comments about the election results until they were official,
with all absentee and provisional votes counted.
Bundy said she was surprised she won since there were 11 candidates. "I knew it’d be a close race to
have votes spread among 11 people. I’m surprised, and I’m ecstatic. I’m glad you’re voted by the people,
for the people, and the people have spoken. It’s overwhelming when you think of it."
She congratulated the other winners and thanked those who turned out at the precincts to vote for the
"I just want to thank all my supporters for voting for me," said Jacobs. "I really
appreciate it. I look forward to working with the new team of council (members) who’ve been elected and
the mayor. I just hope we can work together as a team and get solutions that will benefit the
The remaining candidates were: Incumbent Paul Gies 108 votes (9 percent); incumbent Glenn Harding, 87
votes (7.3 percent); James McVeigh, 85 votes (7.1 percent); Kevin Simpson, 85 votes (7.1 percent);
Kimberly Wurst, 71 votes (6 percent) and Jeffery Coppler, 71 votes (6 percent).