Grand Rapids Township voters make change

GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP — The third time was the charm for Grand Rapids Township trustee candidate Eric
Flora. After running both two and four years ago for an open seat, it wasn’t until Tuesday he won — but
he won big.
Flora was the top vote getter among three candidates which included incumbent George Foos, a trustee for
20 years, and Tracy Punches. Flora received 356 votes (38.53 percent), Punches 320 votes (34.63 percent)
and Foos, 248 votes (26.84 percent).
Flora suggested that maybe his high vote count was the result of his going door-to-door, like the other
two candidates, and people connecting his face with his name from the previous two elections.
“I’m very excited to get elected and look forward to getting in there and getting started,” he stated by
phone Tuesday night. “I’d just like to thank the voters, everyone who turned out, and for their
support,” he said.
“I’m excited and I feel honored that the people trust me,” said Punches in a phone interview. “It’s
actually an honor to have their trust. I can’t tell you how that makes me feel.”
Among the items in his first order of business, Punches stated, “I think we have some zoning issues that
are still out there. We need to get that resolved and moving forward.” He is also interested in getting
something done on a township-wide emergency alert siren and continuing road maintenance.
Punches said there was an element of shock in being elected, but he is very happy. “Now the work begins.
I’m taking it seriously and hope I do a good job for everyone.”
Foos could not be reached Tuesday evening for comment.