To the Editor: Perrysburg Twp. trustees list 10 reasons to vote for rezoning

The Perrysburg Town-ship trustees wish to respond to the Saturday letter listing 10 reasons to vote no on
the 2 zoning referendum ballot issues on Nov. 3. We would like to clarify our position and list 10
reasons to vote yes for your township. Our reasons are documented in our minutes and resolutions:
1. In an unprecedented measure of patience, understanding and flexibility, the trustees and planning
board spent almost 2 years to arrive at this decision and the conditions attached to our rezoning
2. The residential use does in fact comply with the Wood County Master Plan.
3. The trustees placed numerous "conditions" on the resolutions including a prohibition against
the unilateral right to annex by the developer or their assigns. This is unprecedented in our previous
zoning decisions.
4. The trustees also acheived a promise to file an affidavit from McCarthy Builders to nullify their
unilateral right to annex up to 89 lots of Emerald Lakes which provides a link or contiguity for
annexation to the City of Perrysburg. This is a monumental defense barrier against voluntary or
involuntary annexation.
5. Losing an unanticipated and large subsection of the township through annexation is counterproductive
to our stabilized tax base and revenue stream.
6. Our community based Comprehensive Plan, currently in process, clearly reveals this area as a
residential area.
7. We object to the misrepresentations and misinformation circulating the township regarding this issue
not to mention the illegal signage that states "paid for by Perrysburg Township residents".
Political signs must comply with Ohio Election Laws and not mislead the general public.
8. Not only does this zoning plan "fit" as we transition to a dominant agricultural area to the
east and south, it also provides traffic linkages to neighboring subdivisions.
9. The developers have demonstrated a track record of quality projects in our township including Shannon
Hills, Wexford, and Emerald Lakes, all of which make Perrysburg Township proud and fill a need for
housing in our desirable community with a commitment to providing greenspace, walking trails and water
10. Please do not allow a few disenchanted residents let our unanimous decision for our township to be
overturned. Please support your township and vote yes.
Robert Mack, Trustee
Gary Britten, Trustee
Craig LaHote, Trustee