To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood

Here we go again with round 3 or 4 of the new building saga for Eastwood and reversal of promises to let
the people decide. When will the board and superintendent realize no means no? It seems like they have
their own agenda because they keep trying to push it through even when the majority said no thanks.
We don’t want to hear "it’s for the children" or "it’s the best deal we’ll ever get."
Sell some of those useless "smart boards" on eBay if you are short on cash, I don’t have any
more to give – you have 1% of my income, you have my real estate taxes and you have all the extra fees
and charges I pay at the beginning of the school year. Try to make do with what you have, that’s what we
And please, Mr. Superintendent, stop propagandizing my kid in class with the sales pitch about how little
this will cost an owner of a $100,000 home. I don’t know too many high school seniors that own homes.
Was there anyone there presenting information against this levy? How many parents were aware that you
went into the high school classes (a captive audience) last week to sway the newest voters to your side?
That is a cheap and sneaky, but I think it’s been done before at Eastwood.
I hope Eastwood will continue to say no to your attempts to squeeze more out of them and that you will
put it to rest this time as you told us you would last time…and the time before that….and… never
mind, I don’t think you’re listening.
Steve Schulte