To the Editor: Dobson supports Olmstead, Mack, Herald

As a Wood County resident and a Wood County employer, I endorse three men as candidates for election or
re-election in their respective roles, Michael Olmstead for Perrysburg City Council; Bob Mack,
Perrysburg Township Trustee; and Bill Herald for Bowling Green City Council. In fact all three are
essentially running for re-election. Mike and Bob are currently incumbents and Bill is returning to BG
Council, where he had served the city for several years once before.
In fact, all of the incumbent leadership on Perrysburg Council and in Perrysburg Township have worked
diligently and deserve our support and vote. In Bowling Green, city council will benefit from Bill’s
past leadership experience.
Particularly, these three men possess two main qualities which merit their return. One is commitment to
conservative, lean government with an emphasis on those functions which we citizens count on, such as
public safety and economic development. The second quality is a ready willingness to shed party politics
for the good of the people. All have shown their commitment to stand by their ideals, even in the face
of criticism and strong opposition. I respect this level of dedication to the trust reposed in them. I
have differed with each of these men in my opinion at times, but always one can respect the recognition
each one has that his position is made for the people and the tax money each spends is not his own.
On Tuesday, vote for knowledge, experience and fiscal responsibility. Vote to re-elect Olmstead to
Perrysburg council, Mack as Perrysburg Township Trustee; and to return Herald to BG council.
Paul Dobson
Middleton Township