Haskins woman indicted for BGSU theft

A Wood County Grand Jury has indicted or issued bills of information to 23 individuals for a variety of
charges, most of which involved various drugs or were burglary/theft related.
Laurie Maher, 38, of Haskins was indicted for two counts of theft in office and one count of tampering
with records. Maher is alleged to have changed time sheets or records at Bowling Green State University
in order to get overtime pay she was not entitled to. One of the theft charges and the tampering charge
are third degree felonies; the other theft count is a fourth-degree felony.
The indictment indicates more than $5,000 in the first count from April 2004 to December 2007, while the
second count indicates a dollar value between $500 and $5,000 from January 2006 to March 2007.
Four individuals are codefendants in charges of trafficking and possession of drugs related to at least
eight incidents in May and June of this year, primarily due to the sale of Oxycontin.
Sheila Bovee, 47, of Perrysburg; Kenneth Crowe, 24, of Weston; James Sizemore Jr., 32, Perrysburg; and
Destini Moore, 24, of Napoleon Road, are all facing related charges.
All four were indicted for engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. They also all were charged with one
or more counts of complicity to aggravated trafficking in drugs.
Bovee was indicted for one count; Crowe and Sizemore were each charged with two counts; and Moore is
facing charges of three counts of the aggravated trafficking charge. She also is facing an additional
count of complicity to trafficking.
Specifications are included in the majority of the charges, elevating the level of the felony.
All four, plus Maher, are scheduled to be arraigned before Judge Reeve Kelsey on Nov. 2 at 1 p.m.
Those assigned to Judge Robert Pollex will be arraigned at 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 3, while those assigned to
Judge Alan Mayberry’s court are set for arraignment on Friday at 1 p.m.
Other indictments included:
¥ Steven Evans, 40, of Fostoria, for domestic violence. (Pollex)
¥ Stephen Majors, 25, and Mark Hart, 21, both of Toledo, on four counts of burglary and one count of
possessing criminal tools, each. The incidents are alleged to have occurred on Aug. 6 and Aug. 19.
¥ Donald Ingle, 47, of Hollywood, Fla., indicted for gross sexual imposition involving a then 15-year-old
girl in the first two months of 2006. (Mayberry)
¥ Garry Isbell, 54, of Curtice, menacing by stalking. (Kelsey)
¥ Joseph Ferguson, 26, of Perrysburg, passing a bad check of more than $500. (Kelsey)
¥ John Wayne Self, 25, of Toledo, carrying a concealed handgun. (Mayberry)
¥ Duane Curtis Jr, 29, of Northwood, failure to appear in relation to a 2008 case involving marijuana.
¥ Kierstyn Shroyer, 19, of Perrysburg, and Alex Depew, 18, of Pemberville, both for possession of cocaine
regarding an Aug. 15 incident. (Pollex and Mayberry, respectively.)
¥ Suzanne Nicholas, 39, and George Nicholas, 66, both of Northwood, each charged with aggravated
possession of drugs in regards to psilocybin mushrooms, and possession of marijuana. In addition she was
indicted for trafficking in marijuana. (Pollex)
¥ Lloyd Shoup, 66, of Grand Rapids, aggravated trafficking in drugs, aggravated possession of drugs, and
trafficking in marijuana. (Mayberry)
Bills of information also were handed down for two men: Jeffry Gresl, 48, Rossford, for receiving stolen
property and forgery; and Michael Pegish, 38, Perrysburg, for breaking and entering (both Kelsey).