To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard

As a graduate of Otsego High School Class of 2003, I would like to comment on what has happened to the
Otsego Board of Education.
One thing I learned in my social studies classes is that the U.S. is a democratic republic. People
elected to office are supposed to listen to and represent the people who elected them.
Otsego board members have forgotten that. They have decided that they know so much more than the voters.
Perhaps the voters are even "stupid" for not passing levies and not wanting to go into risky
debt in order to give board members the central elementary school they want so badly?
On Tuesday, Otsego voters have a chance to make their voice heard the way our Founding Fathers intended
If the majority of voters in Grand Rapids, Haskins, Weston and Tontogany want to keep the three community
schools, or they want to tell the board not to go further in debt that the $2 million already forecasted
in the budget, or simply say, "You bypassed taxpayers in the district by agreeing to take on debt
which we didn’t approve," they can vote for three specific candidates.
Those are Brad Anderson, Judy Snyder and Mark Tolles.
Electing a majority of the other candidates will mean that voters are content with not being listened to,
ignored and steam-rollered by board members intent on getting their own way.
Eden Marais
Bowling Green