Leachate seeping from casino site no public health concern

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that leachate seeping into the Maumee River from
the site of a proposed casino on a site adjacent to Rossford poses "no public health concern."

According to a statement issued Thursday by Dina Pierce Northwest District Media Coordinator, that after
analyzing samples of the leachate collected after an anonymous complaint, concluded nothing found
"would prohibit the future development of the property for commercial, industrial or limited
residential uses."
The site is owned by River Road Redevelopment of Middletown. Penn National Gambling has an option to
build a casino on the site if Issue 3 passes on Tuesday.
The leachate appears during and after rain storms as water leaks through the waste material from the
glassmaking process buried on the old industrial site. According to the EPA: "The leachate
primarily consists of metals such as arsenic, barium, lead and zinc, all components of historic
glassmaking industry on the site."
Measures to remedy that groundwater runoff are included in a cleanup agreement reached with the owners.

The EPA said there are concerns for water quality right along the shores, though those are similar to
other areas where groundwater is seeping into the river.
Pierce’s statement continued: "Ohio EPA is planning an extensive future study of the entire lower
Maumee River watershed in which the numerous sources of contamination and their impacts on water quality
will be evaluated and potential solutions explored."