To the Editor: Election offers Eastwood voters a great opportunity

Nov. 3, Tuesday, we in the Eastwood School District will have the opportunity to see what the future
holds for us. Will we sink into a morass of negativity and hold onto notions that our district is run by
liars on a spending spree that simply want a building constructed for their own glory? Or will we become
a cohesive community that sees value in providing proper educational facilities and tools to our
What about those in our district that like to see themselves as "experts" in school operations
and finances, yet they have never been in any of those positions? Can we overcome their factless claims
and scare tactics?
I believe on Nov. 3 we have a rare opportunity to directly show our fellow residents that we have the
forethought, the intelligence, the common sense and the facts to support our future as an excellent
academic district that truly values its students and its communities. I strongly urge a yes vote for
both Eastwood issues.
Steve Gross