Transfers: 10-29

The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.
Oct. 21
¥ 11975 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Jeffrey L. and Laura H. Smith, to Arika A.
Votava, $125,000.
¥ 208 E. Sixth St., Perrysburg, residential, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Jean Paul
Lemerand, $61,000.
¥ 142 Harlan Dr., Walbridge, residential, from Marco J. Lojewski, to Marco J. Lojewski Jr. and Melissa A.
Lojewski, $110,000.
¥ 26908 Woodland Court, Millbury residential, from Eugene O. and Linda S. Zunk, trustees, to Christopher
S. Conley, $165,400.
¥ 210 Maple St., Bradner, residential, from Kyle S. Turnow, to Robert A. and Beverly J. DeBock, $85,000.

¥ 201 Genson Dr., Haskins, residential, from Kenneth J. and Stephanie E. Lane, to Kyle S. Turnow,
¥ 107 Harlan Dr., Walbridge, residential, from Ellen E. Sobol, to Joseph A. Urbanski, $75,600.
¥ 130479 Lemoyne Road, Millbury, residential, from Donald F. and Deborah S. Billings, to Brian R. Kesling
and Nicole E. Briggs, $174,000.
¥ 17737 Brim Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Adam Skaff, et. al., to Nina Bower, $142,000.
¥ 229 and 0 S. Main St., Bowling Green, retail, from Columbus Cascade Co., to Tevko Investments Ltd.,
Oct. 20
¥ 13580 Center St., Weston, residential, from Roger W. and Kathleen Finkenbiner, by Wood County Sheriff,
to HSBC Bank USA, $114,000.
¥ 0 Roachton Road, Perrysburg, .81 acres, commercial, from Parke Lane Properties Ltd., to AK Investors
Limited, $4,244.
¥ 2266 Hull Prairie Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Duane A. Howe, by Wood County Sheriff, to
Fannie Mae, $286,000.